Tuesday, January 3, 2017


What a refreshing subject to discuss at the beginning of a new year, as New Zealanders hope for a summer soon and at the close of a stretching year and high-paced Christmas season.

Dr Libby Weaver in her latest book "Dr Libby's Women's Wellness Wisdom", gives facts and figures about Water which grabs your attention. Some we know some we don't.

This is all helpful but HOW do you make drinking water a habit in your family and for your children? ? ?

Here are some doable ideas which we have practiced at our house ~
1. Don't Nag or Preach 
This applies to all issues in life as well as drinking water. Don't make drinking water a big deal, rather treat it as normal, a relaxed and ordinary part of the day.
2. Get Rid of the Sweet Drinks in the Fridge/Cupboard 
Many mums say that by not having fizzy drinks or juice in the house, in time their children stop expecting to drink them at home. If it is not there then water becomes the drink option.
3. Start and End the Day with a Drink of Water 
Going to sleep is the start of a 6-12 hour period of not drinking or  eating. So set everyone up well to sleep by being hydrated. On wake up, a drink of water will again hydrate the waking system.
4. Drink Water at each Meal 
A glass of water at Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is easy to remember. For adults to remain hydrated, drink at least a glass of water between each beer or glass of wine.
5. Exercise to Develop Thirst 
Each day children should get lots of physical exercise which will create a natural thirst. Children need to identify for themselves what being thirsty feels like, rather than being told when to drink by a parent. Learning the sense of when one is thirsty is an aspect of children developing self care and independence.
6. Your Attitude to Water 
Do you personally drink water? Is your daily water intake and your attitude to water worth copying? It is important you happily enjoy drinking water, not present it as a duty or goal to be achieved. Something done willingly because the person truly wants to do it, is influential. This applies to everything in life, not just to creating good habits in drinking water.
7. Accessibility 
Make sure your children can get water for themselves. Don't have it all bottled up for them ready for pickup. Part of this whole endeavour is letting them practice taking care of themselves. Children from 2 years of age desperately want to do things independently for themselves, so let them get a drink of water when they want one.
8. Add into a Jug or Glass of Water 
Any of the following can be added into a glass or jug of water making it more attractive to look into and more appealing to the mind and taste. 
Slices of Root Ginger
Slices of Lemon or Orange
Lemon Rind
Stems of Fresh Mint or Spearmint
Slices of Kiwifruit
Slices of Peach
Slices of Plum
Slices of Nectarine
Blueberries ....
9. Freeze and Add into Water 
Use an ice block tray to freeze any of the following then add the beautiful icy blocks into your water drink.
Diced Strawberries
Diced Plum
Diced Nectarine
Diced Apricot
Diced Kiwifruit
Diced Orange or Lemon
Mint leaves ....
10. Freeze Orange or Lemon Segments 
Cut an orange or lemon into eighths length wise. Freeze them and then add them into a jug of water. 
11. Interesting Shaped Ice Blocks 
Make water ice blocks in interesting shaped ice block moulds to add into a drink of water.
12. Have a Special Water Cup
13. Have a Crazy Straw to Drink Water Through

THISWEEKWITHTHEKIDS ~ make drinking water a together experience with happy memories.

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