Wednesday, January 4, 2012


"No more posts from me till February" - because if the weather stabilizes, this is where we will be ~ Wooleys Bay on the Tutukaka Coast.
Then to the family bach in the Waitakeres ~
Today is my birthday and I am entering what I call my Unique Year - the number I turn today is the same as the year I was born. I'm not expecting anything radical to happen, but this special match up will never happen again in my life.
This is the special flower garland my husband made from flowers in our garden, around my lunch plate today - an Indian custom, he says. 
THISWEEKWITHTHEKIDS ~ get your kids to work out when their Unique Year will be - Is anyone else having their Unique Year this year? Another great thing I discovered is what I call your Companion Year - you can have this one every year. This is a year you hold in common with a friend, eg. if you were born in 1970, this year you turn 42, so you can have a Companion Year with a friend who turns 70 this year(your birth year), because she will be turning 42(your age this year). Get your kids to check it out. The system gets a little sticky if you want a Companion Year with someone born this year, as you will need to wait till you're 112 - hmmm
Happy holiday everyone!!