Thursday, April 3, 2014


                                           Helene's Family
By answering five questions, Helene Morris write how she works in the area of Clothing Children.
1. As a woman and a mum you fill a variety of roles everyday. Can you describe some of those roles.
I am a Mum of 3 and also run a clothing and lingerie label with my partner Steve. We started the business when I was pregnant with my eldest son and this has definitely been a challenge juggling both career and family. Steve and I have shared childcare, and often work shifts with one of us starting early and then swapping during the day so that we have maximum time with our kids. My days are really busy as it is for all Mums! 
2. Who is in your family?
Theo who is 11, Iggy is 6 and Juno is 2, Steve, myself and our cat Rex.
3. What is important to you about the clothes your children wear? Does your philosophy, approach to life or ethical choices affect your children's clothing?
The most important thing is comfort. My kids are all really active and I don't like clothes getting in the way of them learning and having fun. Kids also grow out of things so quickly so I love passing clothes on, and being given clothes from friends. Juno’s favourite thing is a little satin Mickey Mouse bomber jacket she was given by my friend whose two daughters loved it, and we are about to pass it onto someone else. Re-cycling is so important with clothing as fast fashion has resulted in so much excess today.
4. How do you approach the following factors when making decisions in clothing your children?   
* when to replace clothing  Mainly when they have grown out of things and are needing a new size. I am absolutely non precious about kids clothes, they get stained and ripped and that is just how it should be with kids!
* where you go to find or buy clothes  My boys are soccer mad so for them anything soccer related is their daily uniform. I usually go to Sterling Sports or Rebel Sports or specialist soccer shops for this. Cotton On Kids and Nature Baby are where I would go for Juno.
* how much money to spend   I’d buy them each a couple of new pieces each season, but hand me downs mean I don’t have to get so much for Iggy and even Juno wears the boys old tee shirts and jeans. 
* issues to checkout while choosing their clothes   I choose natural fibres where possible as they breathe and are generally more comfortable. 
* what the child wants and like   They all pick their own clothes and wear what they like, Juno picks some interesting outfits but I love her to experiment and have fun with clothes. It’s a great way for kids to be creative.
* your own personal taste   I prefer plain kids clothes, with not too much branding. Good quality fabrics are something I look for when I buy.
5. From your experience, what tips would you give a mum grappling with clothing her children?
Kids grow out of clothes so quickly, so keep that in mind, and kids often end up wearing the same thing over and over. 

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