Tuesday, November 6, 2012


This is the 7th post in the series "A CASE FOR READING ...."
"A CASE FOR READING BIOGRAPHIES" is written by Stephen Turner.
 "I love reading. My earliest memories of truly enjoying a good read have to do with lying in bed at our little summer house in the morning as the sun streamed in through the mottled, opaque window. I would have been in my early teens.
I love reading generally for two big reasons - to give myself a break from all the demands of work and family, and then there is so much to learn.
One type of book I especially like to read is a biography. Biographies are about real people who generally have been successful in some area of life. I always want to know why - why were they successful? And often the answer to that question is complex. And I want to hear what they are saying to ordinary people like me who may not be remarkable for  anything. And I am always interested in the fact that like all human beings they are flawed and have to deal with some weak elements in self and in their relationships with others.
Three good biographies I have enjoyed are ~
1. "Robert E Lee" by D. S. Freeman 1961. ( A General in the American Civil War)
2. "Hans and Sophie Scholl" by T. Axelrod 2000. (German resistance within Germany to the Nazis)
3. "Abraham Kuyper" by J. E. McGoldrick 2000. (Prime Minister of Holland)
THISWEEKWITHTHEKIDS ~ search your book shelves for a biography to read with the kids. Maybe a trip to the library and advice from a librarian can start you on your way reading biographies. Because you are reading about the life of a person, you can easily become completely immersed.


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