Friday, September 2, 2011


             COUNTING  DOWN  -  2 DAYS TO FATHERS DAY!!!!
                        Here in New Zealand this Sunday is Fathers Day

                                   The 'venue' of our Fathers day celebration

We actually celebrated Fathers Day last Sunday at home, over a late, long lunch. Unfortunately we had two sons missing, one living in London and the other stuck at work, but this coming Sunday even more couldn't make it. The group of eight happy faces did the trick for my husband, who felt loved by his kids.
                                       Some of our kids making lunch for Dad

I put the question "What do you love about being a Dad?" to six fathers.

James will be a 'dad' by this coming Christmas ~
"It was two weeks ago, and my wife and I were having dinner with some friends. I was asked out of the blue, 'What are you looking forward to in becoming a dad?' Had I had time to collect my thoughts, I think I would have said: 'Amidst all the upcoming challenges, I'm looking forward to taking pleasure in the small things, the little things my child does. I'm expecting to enjoy how my wife and I grow a new admiration for each other as we see our limits stretched.'
Instead I blurted out, 'Hmmm.... not sure. I'll have to think about that!' "

In the Mothers Day post WEEK 37 QUOTE 37 , Joy wrote about what she was looking forward to when she became a mum. Her husband, Rhys, writes below - they are still waiting for their baby's birth - soon now??
"For me, the thing I am most looking forward to in becoming a dad is enjoying the wonder of what it means to be a father. Having the privilege of caring for a child that is mine, teaching and raising them to know God and love life. It's a daunting and exciting place to be at the same time!"

Another writer who was a mum-to-be in the Mothers Day post WEEK 37 QUOTE 37 was Kelly. Now as parents, her husband, Andrew writes ~
"The birth of our newborn has been such a joy to our lives. Being a new dad has brought reflections on the past and the blessings I've received. Now the journey of dispersing them to my son has begun with a great hope in my heart for what is to come from his life. I used to talk to him in the womb, 'hurry up baby, it's better out here than in there!' Watching him smile and laugh, (after being out of the womb three months now), has persuaded me he's starting to agree."

Nancy also wrote about being a mum back in May WEEK 37 QUOTE 37 , and her husband, Aaron, father of a bunch of kids, says ~
"I am surprised at the reoccurring realization that I am a father of four wonderful God-given children. A privilege and responsibility I think is probably the biggest task I could ever undertake. I still find myself completely unqualified, unready, and unsure on how to be a good and conscientious parent in this huge task - but would not trade the opportunity for the world. My love and joy of them and for them, is a beautiful empowering thing. I love the way my eldest is already striving to be the best he can, always asking, always discovering. I love the way my next son is so sharing and thoughtful toward his siblings, and how he can be so intuitive and quick at summarizing the matter at hand. I love how my youngest boy is pushy and stubborn while trying to be a 'big boy' - yet still able to be quiet, thoughtful and solitary in his own company. I love the cheeky squint and smile of my baby daughter as she deliberately woos her daddy - successfully I might add... I love the way all the boys rush to me as I walk in the door, ready for a wrestle, full of knights, dragons and all sorts of imaginative adventure. I love in particular the way all of my children look up to me as if I am the best dad in the world, no matter how many times I fail them... I am proud of my children - despite all the rough edges they all possess - and I find myself wondering at the delightful and ever advancing characteristics of these little souls. I love being a dad!"

Here's the thoughts of a dad with children, teenagers and beyond ~
"What I like about being a father now is the joy I have in knowing that I can continue to love and encourage my children despite their growing up and moving out and on to other places and ventures. Far from these opportunities fading out as I feared, I feel I now recognize them and use them better than I did before."

Finally a father of four children, with eleven grandchildren and eleven great grandchildren, said ~
"It's the fact that our children have produced beautiful grandchildren for us and are giving us a lot of pleasure."
And his wife added ~
"You see what great people your children have grown into and they all support us."

THISWEEKWITHTHEKIDS ~ If you are a father - stop, watch and listen to your children a little more than normal. Don't hanker for the future when they are grown and gone. Enjoy what they are now. That way you will have great memories of them in the future.



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